Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Ruby Door

My beautiful friend Tracey Weiss has the charming shop, The Ruby Door, in Boston’s Beacon Hill. If any of you are familiar with the store than you know already what a treasure it is! A gem as special as the gem's she peddles.

"Special things are for everyone and are to be enjoyed and loved. Jewelry is to be worn, every day and in every situation, and it shouldn’t define a woman, but should light her up and bring out her inherent beauty. It should make her feel fabulous"

In addition to jewelry you will also find supple leather hand bags, scarves, and as of last spring, home accessories; all chosen with the same care that she uses with her jewelry.

Brides and husbands will be intrigued to find out that The Ruby Door also offers custom pieces for those special occasions when run of the mill just won't do! My Bostonian blog friends be sure to say hello for me next time you pop in.

Sweet Lucy, chillin'


Victoria said...

beautiful finds!

Jill said...

Any shop with a dog inhabiting the realm is a shop for the ring.

Elements of Style said...

I love this shop- especially the pug I see every time I go in sitting by the front window! I'll be sure to drop your name next time!

hello gorgeous said...

Really beautiful (and a pug lover!).

Is there any reason you would happen to know what color that gray is? (I just painted my bedroom gray and I think I might need to go darker and that is gorge!).

And I hate to feed the beast, but:

Dana Wynne and Raul Cordova said...

I LOVE Tracey's store! She hooked me up with gorgeous jewels for my wedding day and I can't seem to get out of there without being tempted by one of her handbags!....