Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ace Hotel

The Ace was more fun than imagined and not a bad backdrop for catching up with close friends.

The beautiful Stacey (top left) is 5 months pregnant and glowing! This was coincidentally the one year anniversary of my trip out there last year to celebrate her bachelorette. We tried not to torture her but with drinks like the adult snow cone served up in the short bus (Ace's poolside bar) it was hard not to get a little wild.

The occupants of this rowdy suite were clearly feeling their snow cones but I'm proud to say it wasn't us.

The hitchhiker

Somehow we managed to drag ourselves out of the sun and get home in time for dinner in the "bu" which was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. We didn't manage to get home however, without destroying a huge tumbleweed that then attached itself to my ride. I had no idea it was there but was happy to find out why everyone was staring at us. Hysterical. Shall I see you there same time next year ladies?


Jill said...

We have many tumbleweeds here. I once sounded like a complete ditz when I asked what kind of weed a tumble was?! I think it's a legitimate question...everyone else, not so much! Looks like a great trip.

Dana Wynne said...

Um, hysterical and hysterical....!

Annie Empiric said...

Dana - The note to the neighbors looks suspiciously like your handwriting no?