Saturday, March 29, 2008

Martini Town

I'm off to Palm Springs for a girls weekend of fun! Actually, I am running one day and two hours late for the party but am grabbing some Vueve in route to distract them from my obvious tardiness. Me and Palm Springs have had an on off relationship this year and I am fired up to head east and make amends with my mistress. 
You see, originally Michael and I had decided to tie the knot in Palm Springs. We had visited on a few occasions to buy for the store and always left totally content if not downright buzzed.  In terms of our lifestyle it is a place uniquely us (as opposed to past relationships) and an obvious perfect choice. Gorgeous mid century architecture, furniture stores with hidden gems, a mandatory cocktail hour and enough distance from LA to make it feel like you can jet out there and leave everything else behind. 

Enter Grandma.. 
The family wasn't so sold. In fact, my grandmother said the "F" word three times in one sentence at our engagement party to really hit the point home. With a little disappointment we decided to compromise. Wed in Marblehead, birthday in Palm Springs. I was having my respective cakes and eating every bite of them too. Woot!

Well, my 30th birthday is now around the corner and the idea of Palm Springs has been completely abandoned. The majority of my friends will be away on business and with all the wedding hoopla it feels absurd to throw another soiree in my honor. Apparently there is a limit to how much attention one girl can take!! 

Cue Stacey, who's bachelorette I am running ridiculously late to. Thanks to her I'm off to the desert to live out my spring in Springs fantasy but I leave you with these beautiful images of Sierra Grand, the home we planned to rent for our '08 festivities. It is absolutely spectacular!

Somehow they have made a purple carpet work! This bedroom evokes red hot passion. It isn't lay under the covers all day living. It is enter at your own risk, I brought my Kiki, shit might get weird decor. Brill's.

I am in love with these headboards. They are playful and immediately grab your attention. Used for a larger size bed I don't know if I would feel as strongly but here as matching twins they are charming.   

Holy hairdryer! The hanging pendants over the bath are phenomenal. The over the top use of mirrors has me spinning.. in a good way. This is pure unadulterated girls getting ready wildness. I would love to sit in here, sip gimlets and put on my face with some friends. Ladies? Any takers?

Picture me, a white dress, a stepping stone aisle and a cabana alter... this pool photo was the deciding factor when we chose Sierra Grand for our big day. Ahhh, some day!! 

Now, I gotta grab the booze and get on the road!! 

all images from palmspringshouserentals

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