Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden Tour

Last Fridays garden tour was extremely inspiring. 2E does most of the gardening, okay all of the gardening, in our yard but after traipsing through the private outdoor spaces of these homes I think that things will have to change. I will claim a pot or two and dram about making it as spectacular as the one above. This pot was on a pedestal in the rose garden below;

I blends in beautifully on the left

Photography was prohibited so I wasn't able to take pictures of most of the grounds but I risked being scolded to steal a shot of this very alternative play structure...

teepee complete with cow hides and seating

Our last stop was to the Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills where we had a delicious lunch under the tent, one two many peach fuzzies (mmm), and viewed some showcases from local event companies and florists.

An orchid bonnet

A plant shade

Thank you to Heather for inviting me to play hookie for the day and toast to the good life. These gardens were full of eye candy and I felt unbelievable blessed.