Monday, July 6, 2009

Balustrade and Bitters

I made mention in Fridays post of the new website Balistrade and Bitters but I wanted to elaborate on one of the interesting articles this new resource offers. Self proclaimed as an "online symposium featuring details of forgotten gems, new finds, and in depth profiles of intersting people and spaces" they have done a beautiful job of organizing their site and inviting visitors in.

Upon clicking on the proprietors link I was surprised to see a dealer we work with quite often, Robert Snaith. Empiric customers will surely recognize one of the items featured in the gallery from our showroom last year.

This Mao propagonda tapestry was one of two we purchased from Snaith, the other below.

He also specializes in a few categories such as taxidermy, medical accessories, and one of a kind precious objects from his buying trips back to his hometown of London, England. A must shop dealer if you run into him at the Santa Monica swap meet or Alameda flea mart on Sundays.

Ballistrade & Bitters also highlights Interiors, Architecture, Dining, Events, and the always popular, Cocktail Hour. I'm a big fan of Coles, the bar/restaurant they most recently dished on, so I look forward to more recommendations to come!

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