Friday, January 8, 2010


I haven't had a chance to hunker down and commit to some resolutions for the new year. 2008 I celebrated some pretty big change but this past year I am leaving with less closure and more projects up in the air. Looking back it is clear that I didn't fulfill my resolution to balance work and play. Expanding in this crazy economy was a source of great pride but it didn't come without some blood, sweat, and tears. Working 6 days a week from January through the end of September allowed me to get a good grasp on business but I was very tightly wound. Turns out one day off a week just isn't enough!

empiric today

Looking back at the list of last years resolutions though, all was not lost! I did paint my bedroom and we are almost done renovating the first floor (formerly our Culver City showroom) to expand our living space which I'm over the moon about (and need to share with you!).

a peak at downstairs as staged by woolly pockets

In 2009 we finally debuted our custom rugs at Empiric, working out became a priority (part of downstairs is a home gym) and I took a few amazing vacations both with friends and 2e.

2e and yours truly on vaca last week

I can't finish a post about 2009 without mentioning the most life changing thing that happened to my family. My Milo. He is my whole world!

I think I'll take the weekend to mull over the next 12 months and set some new goals. Back Monday!

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