Friday, May 16, 2008

Wedding Announcements

2E got our invites ordered yesterday and I am so excited to have something else to cross off the list. Up to this point he has designed and handled all of our wedding announcements. They have been very personal and wildly creative. For our invites however we took the pro route and are going with something more traditional. Those are a surprise but here are the two that we sent prior to starting this blog.

Our engagement party was back in Marblehead on New Years Day. These playful monkeys were channeling our excitement to see our friends and families to ring in such a memorable year. The party was hosted by my Mother and nothing was overlooked in the preparations. We behaved ourselves the night before to be fresh as fiddles for our guests. It was..... exhausting. A preview for the big day I guess. I found myself forgetting peoples names, messing up introductions, avoiding some of the wilder family members all together and getting confronted by my family about our plans to marry on the west coast, ultimately causing us to change our minds. There was also an episode of Small Space Big Style featuring Michael and I on a loop in the main room which was torturing 2E.

The elephants need no introduction except to say that I love them. We printed the Save The Dates out on grey and red paper from Papyrus similar to this.


Over the past couple days I also secured a florist and made some important phone calls that have been staring at me from my to-do list forever. I am feeling very productive! and just in time for a rare work free weekend. 2E is out of town so I'll be catching up with the ladies and taking in some me time and lots of backyarding.

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