Monday, March 31, 2008

Alter-native Ideas

Last week while back in Boston we visited our wedding venue for the first time. Like all things, it was completely different than how I remembered it from a field trip in my youth. Although colorless, lifeless and cold it has amazing bones, phenomenal potential and I am happy to say it exceeded my expectations. The best surprise? These adorable stairs, floating in the front lawn, begging to be used as my alter. But, like all things 'wedding', they have given me a new task and will cost more money. Oh joy!

The obvious solution...... 
a topiary such as this one I found at fioribelli. It is modern and simple, like us, but adds a touch of fancy and frames the space. Our service is going to be mid afternoon in the heat of July so possibly a canopy would be more sensible.

This image I found from an Australian based tent company is nice. Of course, the field of gorgeous palms surrounding theirs doesn't hurt the visual! A slightly scaled down version with a combination of potted plants would be ideal. My vision is of something classic and sophisticated but with a bit of whimsy and romance.  I'll have to continue the search but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am not above stealing them but I am above this....

Swans courtesy of Balloon Designs by MS

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