Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Cabo San Lucas far exceeded my expectations. I want to put it all in a cute little amber glass bottle with a ground glass lid for display on a shelf way up high; out of reach from danger. I won't lie, Im exhausted. Mentally and physically. Fortunately for me I have a doctors appointment in the morning to check my vitals and fortunately for ya'll I was able to bring some of the memories home in digital form. 

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica lobby

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica * floating flower arrangement

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach * La Frida restaurant

Sky Pool aka Heaven

Cabo was beautiful as were my Boston girls. It was a nice escape from the reality that is life when in 30 days (and counting) I will be throwing the biggest party of my life. This last photo was taken in the lobby of our resort and is wonderfully appropriate.
Annie Crowninshield's last hurrah! Anne Towey here I come!


Heather said...

Glad you had a blast, Ms. Crowninshield!

kclang1 said...

I found your blog through "with style and Grace" and just LOVE IT!
While just scrolling through reading about Cabo I thought, "Hey, my friend May and her friends from Boston just went to Cabo and I was so jealous" then I put two and two together. YOU’RE HER ANNIE! How random to stumble across someone’s blog that I have heard so much about from May and Isabel.
GREAT BLOG and congrats on the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Wait--your maiden name is Crowninshield? How awesome is that? Is your fiance willing to change his last name instead? Because Towey is a fine name, strong, pretty. But Crowninshield is freaking awesome!!!

Annie Empiric said...

kdlang - small world! May will love this story. Thanks for stopping by... and Susannah, yes! My name is Crowninshield and I have fallen for a Towey. A Towey that really wants me to take his name and whos name I want to share. I proposed the idea of him joining my clan but he's pretty hell bent on keeping his name. Boo!