Monday, July 28, 2008

Side effect of living in Hollywood

Tori Browsing Empiric's shelves

Remember this day? Well you can see it all go down in Episode 6 of Tori & Dean , Home Sweet Hollywood. Elements of Style, who is a few time zones ahead of me, said I make a brief cameo while ringing her up. Funny story... I over charged her! But caught the mistake right away. Whoops!

Many shows have been shot in the store in the past and we will actually add another to the list this week. Its fun, I wont lie. Its not like super duper fun but it makes the day a little more interesting and they pay with real money so we appreciate the business. We've started working on a blog for the store where I will show clips of our shows from the past but I thought this was worth sharing today.


Elements of Style said...

They do show you overcharging her, BTW! ;) Was so great to see you get some fab publicity! Congrats! When I cam ein there was no camera crew behind me....bummer. Maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

I SAW IT TOO!!!!!!!! I did not think I was watching a new one so I figured you knew - Charlie and I were jumping around our room...very exciting!