Thursday, November 6, 2008

View from unit 403

We stumbled across this book at a swap meet in LA a few years back. The cover shot was taken from our balcony at the Punahoa. I realized after I posted yesterday that my early morning shot captured almost the same view. There are a few extra palms and storms change the shore line every year but its the same little beach, surf break and mountains beyond that we get to enjoy decades later.

A few more favorites....

Great snorkel spot out front where you can usually hang out with a few....


They view as Obama was announced our next president. Due to the time difference it was early enough to go grab dinner and celebrate.

Last year, newly engaged, up country.


hello gorgeous said...

How breathtakingly beautiful.

The good life, indeed.

Elements of Style said...

I am so jealous- we spent 2 weeks in Hawaii on our Honeymoon and I cried when we had to get on the plane to leave. I want to go back!!!!