Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy New Year

early morning looking north

Yesterday is a blur. Racing to the polls with just enough time to catch our flight. Today I woke up early, I'm talking border line middle of the night. Giddy. I lay in the pitch black living room, surfing the internet, and listening to the crash of the waves. I wish I could include audio because they are too good not to share.

I love it here.

We rent out the condo the rest of the year and so far the only complaint I can find on the internet sites is that it is always booked. Finally, some criticism I can handle! This year brought more entries in our guest book and more tears to my eyes. Retail is hardening me but I am still a lover.

A Family Christmas Vacation. Someones first stay.

The 25th wedding anniversary of a couple who honeymooned here and have been returning ever since. She has territorial feelings about "her place" but reading the other entries feels happiness instead to know that others feel the same magic in this place. I die!

A proposal! Some newlyweds.With one couple reporting their first baby on the way!!

Its heartwarming.
Its happiness.
A new day, a new era, and a fresh start.

By far the prettiest entry


coco+kelley said...

i hate new years eve, it's always so... anticlimactic. but you're so right on with your post title. it does feel like a new year today! so on the last day of 2008, i think i will sip my champagne and think of this day instead and celebrate that!

PS - my new goal in life is to visit your condo and write an even prettier entry ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! What an amazing moment in history - I wish I was celebrating with you in Hawaii..


Annie Empiric said...

Cassie - the funny thing is this pretty entry was made by Stephanie and her husband. We'll have an Empiric entry off!!!

May - I wish you were here too!!!!

coco+kelley said...

HA! I thought it was the same Stephanie! I'm in for the entry off. Sounds like a good excuse to get my ass to hawaii ;)