Friday, June 20, 2008


I am getting married, here, in 15 days. My emotions are muddled. I am insanely stressed out. My doctor gave me Zanax and I didn't even ask her. I am also really excited. I don't think I can trick all the people that I love to get along... for me.. on my account... for the sake of my happiness.. ever again. In between stress and excitement I feel lucky, overwhelmed, over tanned, under pressure, out of sync, on cloud nine.

I wish that I didn't have to worry so much about work. That I didn't have my own business from which there was no vacation. I want someone to wrap their arms around me and tell me its all okay. That when I am not in the store they are thinking only about the greater good of our corporation and our future, as a team. From 10:30 - 6 they are dedicated to this little world that I care so much about. I want to help make their reputations start growing today, yesterday, tomorrow and I want that feeling to be mutual.

More than that, I want a carb! I am starving but my dress is so darn pretty and as of 24 hours ago I am on a protein, vegetable, white wine diet consisting of smaller portions and 1200 meters in the pool every day. I also have been drinking more of my arch enemy (H2o) which is a real bitch but getting easier by the bottle. I figure some of my readers work out 300 days a year so working out for the next 10 complaint free is the least I can do. Well, was the least I could do because I have already just complained but its still 100 degrees in my house and I have had less calories today than what I burned in the pool so I get a free pass.

Roar! Oh, I should go. My stomach is calling and its at the door with some water (boo) and a zanax (yay!). Tomorrow is our shower so I need to get lots of rest in anticipation of getting very little for the next few days. Its the countdown! And I am ready - exhaustion, excitement, starvation, stress, tan lines and all!


jozette said...

Thank goodness for Zanex. Here are some virtual arms wrapping around you. Everything WILL be okay.

Heather said...

It will all be okay, darling! Can't wait for tonight! xoxoxox

Dana Wynne & Raul Cordova said...

Hang in their kitten!!! Everything is going to be WONDERFUL!!!

tannaz said...

annie!!! to think that you have all this intense madness going on, and are still dedicated to doing your part for our little bake sale! it really means a lot. such a heart you have. big hug from me; i'd offer you chocolate in addition, but you probably won't eat it. if there's anything i can do on my end to take some of the burden off, please just ask! xo